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M-FEMTO 100W Ultrafast Custom Lasers

>100 W HIGH -POWER femtosecond laser platform with up to >100 W average power, down to <100 fs pulses, up to 1 uJ pulse energy, great compactness and excellent beam quality.

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This high-power femtosecond laser platform has average powers up to >100 W, pulse energies up to >1 uJ, pulse durations as short as <100 fs, and great compactness and excellent beam quality. The integrated M‐FEMTO Ytterbium solid state oscillator generates soliton‐like, transform‐limited pulses, which are then amplified to the 100W level in a single‐stage setup. The high efficiency allows wall plug operation. Temperature stabilization is provided by a closed‐loop chiller, also wall‐plug operated.  

Applications include Terahertz generation, optical parametric amplification, nonlinear optics, ultrafast studies, fine micro machining, high energy physics.

Specifications (please inquire about your specific requirements):

Average output power, min. up to >100 W
Pulse energy up to >1 uJ
Pulse duration (FWHM, sech²)  <100fs or <200fs
Wavelength (center) 1035
Pulse repetition rate 50 ... 150 MHz
Beam quality M² <1.2
Size (laser head) 1000 x 200 x 150 mm3
Size (controller, included) 19" rack, 8 HU