M-NANO PIV Dual Head Nd:YAG DPSSL w/ Integrated Electronics Maximize

M-NANO PIV Dual Head Nd:YAG DPSSL w/ Integrated Electronics

Uniquely compact and light-weight (<4 kg) Dual Head Nd:YAG laser for PIV with integrated electronics.


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Extremely small and light-weight (<4 kg) dual-head green nanosecond laser for particle imaging velocimetry (PIV) applications with size and weight constraints. The M-NANO PIV is based on the proven M-NANO nanosecond laser platform and consists of two such M-NANO lasers integrated in one compact housing, with frequency converted beams (532nm) that are combined. 

Features include good beam quality, low weight, small foot print, and high efficiency, which enables battery-powered operation if required.  No bulky external power supply is required (all-in-one).

Applications:  PIV - Particle Imaging Velocimetry, LIBS (dual pulse) - Dual Pulse Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy, LIDT (dual pulse) - Laser Induced Damage Threshold testing.


Pulse energy (each of the 2 pulses) up to >40 mJ @ 532nm
Delay between pulses 0 us .... 300 us
Pulse duration (FWHM)                          8 ns (+/-5ns)
Wavelength (center) 532 nm (SHG of Nd:YAG)
Pulse repetition rate 15 Hz (up to 100Hz* optional)
Beam quality M², typical 3
Size (laser head incl. controller/driver)* 265 x 178 x 65.5 mm3
Cooling requirement provide heat sink @ 0...40°C
Power supply provide 24-28 VDC