LDC Laser Diode Controller w/ Laser Diode 980 LP Maximize

LDC Laser Diode Controller w/ Laser Diode 980 LP

This laser controller unit with integrated continuous-wave, fiber-coupled laser diode is used to control and pump those femtosecond oscillator products which have a minimum output power of 1.5 W or 3 W or similar.

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The laser diode is operated at largely derated power, providing an extended life time.  This controller includes temperature control of the laser diode, an RS-232 interface for remote control, a front panel user interface, and an interlock circuit according to ISO 60825 norm.  We use laser diode vendors who guarantee a diode lifetime of 10.000 hours MTTF or more.  This unit is not available stand-alone, only in combination with one of our laser heads.

Applications:  pumping of M-FEMTO series laser products with 1.5W or 3W average output power (required accessory for these laser heads).


  • Average output power, min.: 30 W
  • Wavelength [nm]: 980 +/-3 nm
  • Size:  19" rack, 3HU
  • Air-cooled (15....30°C ambient temperature, non-condensing)