M-FEMTO-LAB Laboratory-style femtosecond Yb oscillator, Laser Head Maximize

M-FEMTO-LAB Laboratory-style femtosecond Yb oscillator, Laser Head

For academic purposes, this breadboard-style <100fs or ~200-fs laser oscillator could become your lab engine – it is a lab-type, open-housing femtosecond laser oscillator which has a similar setup as the integrated products.  It is based on a diode-pumped Ytterbium solid-state laser, which is pumped by an external fiber-coupled laser diode (see for example the LDC-1000-980-LP or equivalent).

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Pulsed, modelocked operation is self-starting and the <100fs or ~200-fs operation shows excellent stability with respect to noise, modelocked-Q-switching instabilities and double pulsing.  Modelocking is initiated by a Semiconductor saturable absorber mirror (SeSAM) optimized for <250-fs operation.  The user can open the lid and make changes or additions to the laser as he wishes.  This provides ultrafast laser research groups with an easy and cost-effective jump start to get going with ultrafast laser pulses around 1045nm for leading research applications.

For academic institutions only.

Requires for operation:  LDC-1000-980-LP Laser Diode Controller (not included), or equivalent.

Applications include nonlinear microscopy, seeding of amplifiers, pumping of OPOs, super-continuum generation, ultrafast spectroscopy, Terahertz generation, Nano surgery & machining, etc.

Average output power, min. >1.5 W or >3W, depending on model
Pulse duration (FWHM, sech²) <250fs  or  <100fs (pls. specify)
Wavelength (center) 1045 +/-5 nm
Pulse repetition rate 75 +/- 5 MHz
Beam quality M² <1.1
Size (laser head) 566 x 150 x 105 mm3
Size (controller, not included) 19" rack, 3 HU